Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Baler or Compactor

Balers and compactors are essential machines in any business since they help in waste management. Each one of the two units has a specific task, and when you use them together, they can help you to reduce both business expenses as well as the impact on the surrounding. There are differences between the two systems, and each one of them has many benefits for all companies be they small or large.

Reducing waste and looking at the sustainable practices in firms is currently becoming a vital aspect in everyday operations. It means that taking a look at how recycling balers and conveyors could work for your business may help to save some money. Just like any other packaging machine, there are various things you need to put into consideration before making an informed decision when it comes to getting new compression equipment. Here are the factors to consider when choosing a new baler or compactor.

The Type of Material

In a company, all recyclable materials can be crushed, compacted or baled. The most common are soft plastics and cardboard materials. A baler is not only designed to handle these two types of recyclable materials since it can also help you bale tires, EPS, cans, hard plastics, textile and PET bottles. If you have more than two types of recyclable waste materials such as cardboard and plastics, then you have various options available for you. You can decide to use the same baler to bale both materials or use many of them. If you are looking for a baler or compactor, you should consider the type of materials the machine will be dealing with.

Available Space

A compression machine is usually bigger than the bagging equipment. It means that evaluating the space is essential when purchasing your baler or compactor. Horizontal compactors and balers tend to have bigger footprints while the vertical ones need more space because of their height.

Also, there needs to be more space in the location where you want to install your baler or compactor. Accessories like conveyors and chutes that are used along with the machine should be considered when identifying your location. Since the machines need constant maintenance, you will need enough space around them to facilitate smooth movement and make the entire process easy.

The Lifespan of the Equipment

Both balers and compactors are under constant stress, and that is why durability should be a factor to consider. It is essential to understand the lifespan of your machine before making an informed decision. You should do your research to determine the expected lifespan and longevity of the machine and request to know the accurate information that relates to part replacement and the service intervals that you may require for upkeep. Knowing all these concerns can help you to factor in machine downtime and allow your business to better budget for other needs and activities. Before purchasing your baler or compactor, it is essential to consider these factors since they will help you find the right machine for your job.